Conservatory Roofing Products

insulated-conservatory-roof-21Here at Conservatory Climate Solutions we can offer you two options to make your little used conservatory an integral part of your home once more.

Both have very similar insulating properties, but the difference in materials and manufacturing costs are reflected in the price of each product.

We do not offer any DIY type solutions like some companies who only clad or plasterboard the inside of the roof leaving the old polycarbonate or glass in place, adding extra weight to the roof.

What if the roof leaks in the future when the polycarbonate degenerates or moves? There is no way you will know until the plasterboard goes soggy at the eaves or water runs down the inside of the frames.

How will you trace the source of the leak if the entire roof is covered and sealed in on the inside.

Roof blinds are often considered an option but they are expensive and do not perform anywhere near as well as an insulated panel, as well as being a dust and fly-trap.

Fake ’tiled’ roofs are also available but these can be very expensive as your existing conservatory roof is removed when in most cases there will, be nothing wrong with the structure/framework. This is a complete waste of time and your money. The conservatory will also be rendered unusable for at least 3-4 days whilst the work is being done.

Conservatory Climate Solutions will give you a conservatory you can use 365 days of the year with minimal fuss or mess with the vast majority of installations are completed in less than one day!