Transform your Conservatory

into a room you can enjoy all year round in any weather with a Thermotec Insulated Roof
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Too Hot & Too Cold

We all know the heat in the summer and the chilly air in the winter that prevents us from enjoying out conservatory. An insulated roof solves all that.

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Thermotec Roofing

Conservatory Climate Solutions are the licensed installer of Thermotec Insulated Conservatory Roofing Panels across South Wales and the South West and West of England.

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Room To Love

If you have a conservatory we are sure that at some point you will have wondered what you can do to improve the usage and comfort of what is often an 'unloved' room due to the extremes of temperature that occur inside the conservatory as a result of the poor insulating qualities of the roof. 

Cool That Sun!

Solar gain (the sun's energy), coming through the roof, causes unbearable heat as well as issues like headache inducing glare making reading and watching TV impossible, fading of furniture and furnishings and potential harm to the family caused by UV rays in an impossible task of keeping your conservatory cool and usable.

Wasted Heat

In cold weather the majority of heat inside the conservatory escapes through the roof. This means that to enjoy a conservatory in cold weather, the heating has to be on a high setting, and constantly, leading to spiralling energy costs that go literally "Through the roof!

Bad Weather

As if heat loss, baking heat and unbearable glare weren't enough, bad weather can also make a conservatory a less than ideal part of your home to enjoy - heavy rain and hailstones can also be very noisy and disturbing on a polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof.

The Solution

By having a Thermotec Insulated Conservatory Roof, all these issues are eliminated, ensuring you and your family can enjoy comfort in your conservatory all year round, whatever the weather. Thermotec Roofing Panels have an insulation value equal to 300mm of loft insulation.